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Q. Does this System guarantee compliance with WHS legislation?

A. No. Because the system requires some work on your part too, it will not work by itself!

This system is designed to assist you with compliance. Your experience will be greater the more you use this system and add to it.

What we DO NOT guarantee:

  • We cannot guarantee that your workplace will be 100% protected from risks arising from work.
  • Nor do we guarantee that your workplace will be in a position to prove due diligence as a defence to WHS prosecution.
What we DO guarantee:
  • We will provide your workplace with all the tools to effectively manage WHS.
  • Safety Manager is a simple, completely thorough and easy to use system for managing tasks and reporting processes.
  • Safety Manager has been designed to Australian and New Zealand  Standard 4801
  • Safety Manager will send you email reminders that map to the core clauses of ASNZ 4801
  • Safety Manager is the most cost-effective and easiest to use system (like for like) on the market today
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