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Q. How does Safety Manager Work?

A. How the System Works

Safety Manager makes safety compliance easy by:

a) Showing you what to do and when to do it and by providing you with the online forms and tools to do that - it's managing WHS compliance in about 15 minutes per week

b) Sending you email reminders when you need to perform an WHS-related task (such as recording workplace inspections, staff inductions, injury reports etc.)

c) Providing you with the online account and all the tools to be able to complete these tasks

d) Giving you a user-friendly interface, the 'WHS IM History' page to track how well you are managing WHS and injuries

e) Not letting you forget to complete a task for follow-up - when you need to follow-up on key tasks you can record dates and the system will send you emails to remind you.


  • After signing up, you are sent an WHSMS Plan, which explains how Safety Manager is aligned to Australian New Zealand Standard 4801 (OHS Management Systems) to keep you up to date with key WHS compliance tasks
  • You will then receive email reminders on average of once every week. Each email reminder will outline instructions to complete an easy WHS task (such as workplace inspections, staff inductions etc.) to effectively build and manage WHS in your workplace.
  • Don't worry - most of these tasks are really easy and take no time at all. The best part is that you have a record of having managed WHS in your workplace over time, which goes a long way to complying with the WHS laws.
  • As long as you complete the task by logging in to the Safety Manager system and entering in the information, you will be building and maintaining your WHS system (all the records).

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