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Jani King Safety Manager adds new industries to its online OHS system

Jani King Safety Manager is to add four more industries to its world-beating online OHS system.

"We added four industries in January this year, to broaden our target market to include tradespeople, agriculture, the automotive and marine industries," said Chris Beasley, Jani King Safety Manager's Executive Director.

Jani King Safety Manager had been in discussions with several of the large Australian workers compensation insurers to form distribution partnerships and through the feedback from those meetings, decided to adapt the online OHS system to new industries.

Currently, the Jani King Safety Manager online OHS system caters for the following 16 industries:

  • Hospitality - Pubs/Clubs/Hotels
  • Retail
  • Warehouse and Manufacturing
  • Aged Care
  • Child Care
  • Printing
  • Marina/Boat
  • Tradesperson/Mobile Business
  • Fast Food/Takeaway
  • Pharmacy
  • Newsagent
  • Casino
  • Property/real estate business
  • Office
The new upgrade will add the following four industries:
  • Gym/Aquatic Centre/Dance/Yoga
  • Coal Mining
  • School/College/educational institution
  • Golf course/Cricket/Football Facility
"We built our first Jani King Safety Manager online system over six years ago with guidance from the Australian Hotels Association (NSW) and the workers compensation insurer, Employers Mutual," Chris Beasley said.

"After our success in rolling out the system to over 800 hotel members via the HEM scheme, we decided to sit down with industry associations and other insurers to get their feedback and adapt the system to suit other sectors. It's been challenging, but we now have a large and diverse client base, from Casinos to plumbers, for whom the Jani King Safety Manager system makes managing workplace safety easy," said Mr. Beasley.

The new upgrade to add the four new industries will begin in March 2011 for completion in July.

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